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Can You Afford Hearing Loss in America?kimber;y_dvd1

Kimberly Parker Hearing Health Crusader, Solo Performance Artist and Creator of Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play

Treatment may be costly, but ignoring a hearing problem could be worse.

Life can be difficult for the hearing impaired, and is often accompanied by isolation and increased social anxiety. Even though hearing loss is a common problem with many available treatment options, most people ignore it too long before seeking help, and many insurance companies exclude coverage.

Hearing Health Crusader Kimberly Parker is proof that there is hope of hearing again. She is using her story of recovering from near deafness to bring awareness to the invisible condition that is hearing loss, while offering education, empowerment, and hope.

Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play, is a theatrical experience about Embracing Hearing Loss that is taking the internet world by storm.

***Watch the trailer video of inspiration:

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Kimberly Parker can elaborate on the following questions:

* What inspired you to create Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play?

* Why is hearing loss a silent epidemic in America?

* Is America unaware of how big a problem hearing loss can be?

* When was your hearing loss discovered and when did you start treating it?

* What are the main goals you hope to accomplish by raising awareness in America?

* How is the play helping people, what is the response from it?

* How does hearing loss affect family members?

* What are some tips for communicating with someone with hearing loss?


Meet Kimberly Parker:IMG_0277 (2)

* Hearing Health Crusader

* Playwright and Theater Expert

* World Class Entrepreneur

* Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker

* Creator and performer of Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play



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