I was thrilled to see Kimberly Parker’s Lost in Sound.  I’ve known Kimberly for 23 years as a talented actor, drama teacher, amazing singer, loving wife, parent and friend.  I’ve always admired her tenacity and joyful spirit in spite of her profound hearing loss.  This play encapsulates the struggles, challenges and joys in Kimberly’s life, while educating the audience about hearing loss in humorous and profound ways.  It’s obvious she has combined her love and talent in theater with a mission to educate the audience in a wonderful performance.  What I’ve learned from Kimberly has been so helpful in being with the people in my life who have hearing loss. You’ll laugh and cry and be amazed.  Don’t miss it!

Betsy Lydle Smith, Bainbridge Island, WA

I had the pleasure of attending a performance called Lost in Sound by Kimberly Parker.  It was riveting and intensely satisfying.  Kimberly’s ability to connect with the audience and keep our attention made it possible for each of us to actually feel her life experiences.  I learned so much, that I can now apply to my daily life.  Hearing loss is far more prevalent than I was aware, and the effects of it can be devastating to an individual and the whole family.  The fact that Kimberly’s intelligence and creativity were not recognized in her youth, even by her, is a loss to everyone she ever met.  My goal is now to pay more attention to quiet people and to those who are not actively participating in conversations.  I would hate to miss conversing with someone just because I thought that they were not interested in participating, they may have a hearing loss!  I am a different person based on the emotional and intellectual level of this performance.

Jane Chapin, Silverdale, WA

Lost in Sound is an excellent play, well performed and it kept my attention! I learned a lot about the trials and issues that the hearing impaired go through; I was unaware before.  After seeing this play I felt more compassion and understanding and I am grateful for the experience.

Kat Bohnsack, Arlington, WA

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