Request: Rate my DVD on Amazon

LIS_Amazon_In case you missed it, Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play  is now available on AMAZON!!!

Would you do me a favor and help get 20 good reviews online so people can easily find it when they are searching.  Please support me by taking just a moment of your time to rate it.  You do not have to buy it in order to rate it.  Help me get the word out so more people can learn to embrace hearing loss.

THANK YOU for being a part of the change we need in the world!


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  1. Different, but similar to my own story of growing up with a hearing loss. Very good description of the garble, or not hearing everyday sounds. Important hearing loss facts and statistics are shared. Description of hearing aids, loops, and her experience of receiving a cochlear implant. Relationships and how they are impacted. A must see for anyone wanting to better understand the challenges of hearing loss in everyday life.

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