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Kimberly M Parker

Is a solo-performance artist, writer, teacher, hearing loss advocate, and speaker. Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play is her story growing up with undiagnosed/untreated progressive hearing loss, becoming deaf and then hearing again with the miracle of Cochlear Implant technology (electronic hearing).

Lost in Sound is an original play written by Kimberly M Parker.

I was born with a genetic “bi-lateral/progressive” hearing loss that went undetected and untreated for half of my life. By the time I turned 40, I was deaf. Less than three years ago, I underwent surgery for a “Cochlear Implant.” I am hearing better than ever with “electronic hearing” and my world…my life…has been forever changed.

Lost in Sound is my story living in the confusion of incomprehensible sound, only to discover later in life the complexities and gifts of hearing loss. It is a mix of narratives, monologues and vignettes, interwoven with musical solos. Oftentimes funny, other times sad, it is informative, thought provoking and inspirational. It is a story that was “begging” to be told, a story that you will be thinking about and talking about long after the show is over. This is a story that will raise awareness of the invisible epidemic that is hearing loss.

My first two staged readings of my first draft were sell outs, standing room only! The Seattle debut of my completely revised script on January 23rd, 2015 was performed to a full house with a standing ovation. I’m so excited about the future of this play. What surprised me most was how blown away everyone was! I knew I had created a good script; however I never expected this kind of reaction.

Based on the feedback I continue to get “Amazing,” and “Exceptional” and “Brilliant!” I now believe Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play is a timely one-woman play. People are hungry to be part of shaping a better world.

Bringing these issues forward has ignited a movement of sorts, one that the medium of transformational theatre is ripe to communicate.

While this is a one-woman show; it is not a one-woman movement. We hope you’ll join us as we gain momentum…this is only the beginning.

Help us take this show on the road and bring it to thousands of people. With your support, we will make a positive difference in the world and the lives of those with hearing challenges and their loved ones. No one needs to struggle alone!

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