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Hello Everyone,

I just returned from sunny Santa Fe and working with my ‘solo performance coach’ Tanya Taylor Rubinstein. We are a great match. We work well together and made a lot of progress on my script. I am thrilled to be taking my play to a whole new level!

The May 4th performance has been canceled. The debut of the “revised version” of  Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play will be in June-TBD. You will be informed when tickets go on sale.

I will be changing a lot in this play and I am very excited about those changes! Some scenes are taken out and some scenes will be introduced for the first time. It will be a more concise, one-act play, about 75 minutes long with no intermission. The music will be original, 3 songs. The narrative will be reduced and/or replaced with monologues from different characters points of view, not just my own. My story will not be in chronological order, there will be flashbacks and a story overlaying the story. The “facts slides” will be delivered by a zany eccentric character, Professor Knows-a-lot. Fun, fun, fun! I have a lot of work to do in the next 6 weeks before rehearsals start!

In a few days, I will release a Podcast of my Santa Fe trip and my interview with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein. I want to introduce you to this phenomenal woman and hear her story and her passionate devotion to her life’s work. You will enjoy it, she is so inspirational!


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