A Beginners Mind Holds Many Possibilities

Kimberly_Town_Hall_Sched1This morning I ran across a quote by Suzuki Roshi that said “In the beginners mind there are many possibilities; it the expert’s mind there are few.”

Flashback to September 2013 sitting in the library and staring at a blank computer screen wondering how I’m going to write a solo play? An idea for an outline came to me and I quickly started typing it out and when I finished, I read back what I wrote. My inner critic immediately scoffed “What is this? This is not how you write a play, this is dumb!” I defended myself “What do you know? You’ve never written a play before, what makes you an authority? Please go away and leave me alone, I’m busy writing my play.”

That conscious encounter with my ego remains one of the best lessons I have ever experienced. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it’s happening, it’s all coming together! I ask myself how did I come so far with this dream of mine? The answer is that I chose to listen to that deep longing within to create, I said YES to it! I ignored everything outside myself that wanted to put roadblocks in my way and I went inward and chose to trust the process, detaching from any perceived possible outcome. With a beginners mind, I began. What a ride it has been, I hope I never become an expert at anything!


(January 23rd, Town Hall Seattle)

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  1. Beautifully stated, Kimberly. WTG!

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