A Great Way to Support Hearing Loss Awareness

Many of you may know that I do a bi-weekly podcast with my husband called the Program Your Life Podcast.  We call it the PYL Podcast for short.  In this podcast we discuss lots of issues about overcoming obstacles, dealing with hearing loss, funny stories, and show updates.  We host it on the Program Your Life Radio website but it is also available on iTunes.  Right now we are doing a promotion to increase the size of our podcast audience on iTunes.  You can help us by going to iTunes, listening to a podcast, and then giving us a Rate and Review.  Shows with lots of reviews and ratings are given higher rankings in iTunes.  If we can get 100 supporters to rate and review the podcast that could really make a huge difference in the audience we can reach.  So, please follow the link below if you have iTunes, then listen to a podcast and give us a review.  Together we are making a difference!

Two Steps:

1. click this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/program-your-life-podcast/id778336065

2. click “View in iTunes” on any of the podcast links to open the podcast in iTunes.  Click the Rate and Review button after you give it a listen.

Thanks Kimberly


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